Selected Stories

She Dreams in Colors, She Dreams in Hope. First appeared in the late, lamented GUD: Greatest Uncommon Denominator. PDF from issue 0 reprinted with permission.
Reviews for ‘She dreams in Colors, She Dreams in Hope’
“The “She” in “She Dreams in Colors, She Dreams in Hope” by F. John Sharp is Pasha,  a factory worker whose father and his compatriots once came close to toppling the government. His old companion, Goran, is one of her coworkers. Pasha spends her days slaving and her nights envisioning how life could be—dreams of hope to be shared with others. The questions is, are they beyond the point of even daring to dream?
Sharp draws a clear picture of a communist world on the verge and imbues his characters with strong personalities. Pasha is offbeat and sly while Goran is frustrated and full of bluster. The supporting characters add dimension. All in all, “She Dreams in Colors, She Dreams in Hope” is adroitly done.”—-Nicole McClain, Tangent
"Last, but not least, I'd like to mention "She Dreams in Colors, She Dreams in Hope" by F. John Sharp. His well-rounded characters deal with sweat-shop socialism. The man who seems the most resistant, lets another man's dreams invade his own and imbue him with hope that he carries into the waking world."----Anne Wilkes, Science Fiction and other ODDysseys.
The Night Dick Clark Actually Died  appeared in Fried Chicken and Coffee
Unemployment, Day 107, appeared in Six Sentences. You can count the sentences if you like.
The Day We Ran Out of Music in the Year 2489  A peek into the future appeared in Spelk Fiction.
A Cloud is Just Water, Right?  Magical realism in Vestal Review.
When the River Calls. A story about not chucking it all in, appeared on Every Day Fiction, where lots of people like to comment.
The Piper. A story about Irish music and getting old, in Rusty Truck.
An Open Letter to Little Jackie PaperA complaint in Higgs Weldon.
Where the Air is Filled With a Thousand Stories. A fishing and friendship story in Right Hand Pointing 10th anniversary issue.
I’m Sorry I Didn’t Finish Shoveling Next to the Garage. A story about one possible end, in Snow Monkey.
Justice System. A story about waiting in Right Hand Pointing.
Driving North. A story about escape in Lit Up Magazine.
I Found Jesus. A story that isn’t about what you may think, in Night Train (archive is expired so I’ve posted it here).
Last Dance. A long short story about puppets and unrequited love in Rose and Thorn
Billy and Us. A story that means something different than when I wrote it. In Wilderness House Literary Review.
If Only it had Rained Cats and Dogs. A fantastical story about hurricanes and alligators, accompanied by a photo of me at age three drinking a beer.  In Fried Chicken and Coffee.
Razor Wire. A story about a crappy relationship in Wilderness House Literary Review.
Subway Ride. Originally titled The Feral Nature of a Subway Ride, which is all you need to know. Archive for the print journal Third Wednesday is expired so I’ve posted it here with the original cover.
Yellow Pullover. An Editor’s Pick in Flashquake, the inspiration for which hit me in line at the bank behind a woman in, you guessed it, a yellow pullover.
Zygote Love. A non-statement in Lunarosity. (Archive is expired so I’ve posted it here.)
A Night Like Every Other. A story entirely in dialog, in Birmingham Arts Journal (print edition but link is to pdf–scroll down 12 pages)
Primal Urges. A story about old fashioned love lust, in Opium. Print journal, reprinted here.