Selected Works

Nebraska   In One Sentence Poems. Inspired by a photograph by my good friend and Nebraskan extraordinaire, Steve Frederick.
The Meaning of Adventure in One Sentence Poems
On the Isle of Unst  a prose poem that appeared in Unbroken
When the Future was More Fun appeared in One Sentence Poems.
Gong Is Harder Than it Looks  Based partly on actual events, then embellished for fun. 
The prose poemNot Sad Lunch Poem #2 appeared in Former People. There are Not Sad Lunch Poems #1 and 3 but they are not likely to be published in the near future. 
A prose poem Cryptozoological Stressors appeared in One Sentence Poems and is, as you would expect, only one sentence long. 
2 Baseball Poems appeared in the baseball-loving Slow Trains journal. One poem is about not dying and the other is about the sacred corner of Michigan and Trumbull.
A Love Letter to Josiah Harmon appeared on Commonline Journal. It was inspired by the abandoned barn next door that my kids swore was haunted, which was later razed for a park.
5 Poems appeared in Poetry Storehouse. Includes voice files of readings of each poem by some very talented readers, and me. Also a very cool video remix.
Taking on Water  Never take your pets on a cruise.
Love at the Second Drive-Thru Window. A poor schlub at Taco Bell. In Purple Pig
I Draw With This Red Crayon. A poem in one sentence in One Sentence Poems.
Baseball Loves You Back originally appeared in Slurve
The Truth is not Forgiving No Matter What You Hear. A prose poem about rocks and feathers and hearts. In 1947Journal. 
On a Thursday in Marion County. If you love farm country. Originally appeared in Slurve and reprinted here.
Until You Make Me Move. In a special issue of Right Hand Pointing.
An Observation After the 8th Grade Band Concert. Inspired by an evening at my son’s school. Originally in Slurve, reprinted here.
I Will Not Give Back Your Drum Set. A prose poem in Prose Poem
2 PoemsIn a Note I Left on the Kitchen Table and Planting Hemlocks. Weird relationship stuff. Both appeared in Milk Sugar: An Online Literary Journal
2 poems: Patterns of Simple States and One Thing That Happens on a Friday Night. Both appeared in Cave Scribbles.
Ask Your Doctor if Your Heart is Healthy Enough for Sex. Because no one ever pays attention to the disclaimers. In Foliate Oak
Semi Sympatico. Workplace politics in the underrated Night Train.
If Only a Thousand Heartbeats. Misty, swirly, heart stuff in the Blue Lake Review.
2 poems: A Poet’s Fodder and Through the Mulch Boldly. Both appeared in the evolving Caper Literary Journal and are reprinted here.
Immortality. A poem based on a photo (included). Originally appeared in Opium.
Me and the Boy. A baseball poem derived from real life. In Hobart, because Hobart loves baseball (scroll down).
South Tower, 96th Floor, Corner Office. 9-11 poem published in special edition of In Posse Review.
Thanksgiving Eve, 2001.  9-11 poem (see below)
Book credit: South Tower (above) and Thanksgiving Eve were both written in the aftermath of 9-11 and were subsequently published in a book of 9-11 poems, An Eye for and Eye Makes the Whole World Blind: Poets on 9/11, published by Regent Press and available at Amazon. Both my poems were referenced in the introduction. There was a reading in San Francisco and my good friend Kathleen McCall read them for me with far more grace then I ever could have managed.